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Heat your home for less by opting for an air source heat pump from Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd. Find out more now!


An efficient heating system for every home
Energy bills creeping up? No longer want to rely solely on utility providers to heat your property? Take back control over your home and energy consumption with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd. Heat pumps are a flexible solution for many households in the South and continue to grow in popularity up and down the UK. These innovative systems absorb heat from the air, creating a fluid that is then compressed to high-level heat that is transferred to circuits of the house, for an uninterrupted quality supply 'round the clock. Our experienced engineers can discuss if this option could be beneficial for you and take care of the full installation, from supplying the equipment to the final demonstration. Going forward, we can also take care of general maintenance and resolve any unexpected issues that may be encountered. Give us a call to book a consultation or take a look at our other renewable energy options, such as solar panels. 


What is an Air Source Heat Pump
An air source pump is an alternative way to heat your home. It will enable you to generate your own renewable heat and potentially save money on your energy bills.
They deliver heat at lower temperatures than gas and oil boilers. 
Heat pumps can save you more on your heating bills if you're replacing an expensive system such as electric storage heaters, oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or coal, rather than gas. But remember, a well-insulated home is essential – otherwise the heat the pump is generating escapes more easily.
There are many reasons to choose an air source heat pump, and here are just a few: 
  • Having a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 3, these electrically powered systems can significantly reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Fuel stores not required 
  • Able to supply 100% of your home's hot water and heating 
  • Low maintenance
  • Systems from trusted manufacturers and brands such as Samsung,  LG and Grant
  • Can operate in conditions as low as -5°c 

Renewable Energy Grant for Homeowners

Boiler Upgrade Scheme 
As the UK looks to become more sustainable and reduce the country's impact on the planet, the Government is offering schemes to help. One of these initiatives is the boiler upgrade scheme (BUS), launched in April 2022, and supports homeowners with capital costs to install low carbon heating systems.  
One-off renewable energy grants will be available to homeowners across England and Wales of up to £7500 for an Air Source Heat Pump installation. 
£450 million of grant funding is available over three years from 2022 to 2025 and will operate on a first-come first-served basis.
1. A Valid EPC that has a rating between A and G and is within 10 years
2. The property must be an existing building or custom made construction. This grant is not available for new build properties.
3. Properties must have cavity wall insulation and loft insulation of 270mm to qualify for the BUS Grant.
4. Only approved contractors can apply and must hold MCS and be TrustMark registered under Government backed scheme.
Don't wait until it's too late and the funding has gone, contact us today to find out your eligibility.



“I engaged a third party who employed Pearce Plumbing & Renewables as contractors, how lucky was I? These guys planned, explained and performed the job well and now I have a nice ASHP. They went beyond working late when required to get us heating. They dealt with problems explaining what they did at each step. Install is neat and well-labelled.”

Pete O, Trustpilot

Join thousands of individuals across Poole and the rest of the UK in shifting to a responsible heating supply. Consider air source heat pumps today!





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