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Protect your investment and optimise your energy source for years to come. Speak with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd in Poole about solar power upgrades for homes up and down the UK. 

Upgrade your systems with our optimisers

From our base in Poole to the other side of the country, homes across the UK are choosing to go green with cleaner energy sources such as solar. Clients who have already made the switch will be quick to share the many benefits of their move to solar power - a reduction in CO2 production, energy bills sliced and better control over consumption. But it doesn't stop there. With the continuous advancements in technology, your current solar panels could be upgraded to yield even greater results. Call Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd and find out how we could improve your system.  

A system that keeps getting better!

Although older string inverter systems do an impressive job in generating power for our homes, a connected system means the performance will depend on the lowest performing panel, the level of which could have diminished due to damage, the accumulation of dirt or shading. Connected to each individual panel, our power optimisers ensure your system is working to its full potential by drawing the maximum energy from each panel, regardless of the condition of others within the same string. Take a look at our gallery for examples of these systems in action. 

Maximise system efficiency 

In addition to the replacement of the traditional conjunction box with panel optimisers, Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd can also upgrade your inverters. Working together for improved generation, your optimisers will manage voltage allowing your converter to concentrate on DC to AC inversion, creating a more reliable system that delivers. We understand this may all seem like jargon, which is why our team will give you an overview of how a solar power upgrade could be enhanced and what we need to do to get there. If you're wondering if this could be beneficial for you, please get in touch

“Thank you Jamie, Matt and Paisley too. The team were courteous, arrived when they said they would, knew what they were talking about and were keen to do a good job for us, taking the time to do the job properly not just getting it done and onto the next one as quickly as they could like some trades would do. They went above and beyond on the job they came to do with some extra bits thrown in that were unexpected. I would and have already recommended the team at Pearce Plumbing and Renewables and when we’re ready to get rid of those shocking bathroom tiles, we will call you back to fit us a modern bathroom. Now loving my morning shower. Thanks lads.”

Wend, Trustpilot


Get more from your system with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd.

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