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An endless supply of power at your fingertips. Join the mission to sustainable energy sources with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd. Discuss solar panel installations for your home or have your existing system serviced. 

Unleash the power of light

Over the years, solar PV has become a leading renewable energy source for the many clients we have worked with across Dorset, Hampshire, Bournemouth, Poole, and beyond. These extremely low maintenance systems are built to stand the test of time and rely solely on the power of our sun. The panels are made from semi-conducting materials that absorb solar light and, in turn,  loosen electrons that create a flow of electricity strong enough to power all of your domestic appliances. As the standard output of a solar panel is 250w, much more than the average household uses, any surplus energy can either be stored in a battery or will be fed into the National Grid, which you will be reimbursed for. If you think this could be an option for your home, simply contact Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd and we can advise. 

A hassle-free installation

An extremely versatile option, solar panels can be installed at properties of all types. Although usually fitted on roofs of varying shapes and sizes, these systems can also be attached to ground mounts, making them extremely flexible to your requirements. Upon a site visit Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd can recommend the best location for your new panels and discuss how they would work.

Reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving money!

By capturing and using natural rays, solar electricity is completely green and doesn't release harmful pollutants - such as carbon - like many other energy sources. With the unlimited and FREE supply of sunlight, you'll see a huge reduction in electrical costs, making this investment extremely worthwhile, whatever your situation. Should you require further assistance once you're up and running, we can conduct servicing and maintenance to promote efficiency and ensure any issues are rectified. 

“I have just had a new bathroom installed by Jamie. He is very professional and informative. I used to have a separate bathroom and toilet which has been transformed into a large shower room, with modern units. I can’t thank him enough for all his hard work and would definitely recommend him.”

Steven, Trustpilot

Take the plunge to solar power and be amazed by the results. Speak with our team for more information and a free consultation. 

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