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A specialist service for your renewable energy source. Choose Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd to keep your solar panels and thermal system in top shape. 

Outstanding solutions for every property

Switching to solar thermal power as your energy source has many benefits, one of which is that the thermal panel are extremely low maintenance. However, when it comes to the solar thermal system which transfers the energy to your home, it's important to book a service approximately every two years. Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd offers a thorough package which covers every aspect of the system, from measuring consistency and health of heat transfer fluid to inspecting solar expansion vessels. The full service gives us a chance to delve into the system, detect any underlying issues and offer a quick solution before they become a hassle. All you have to do is book with us today, and we'll take care of the rest! 
Servicing from £250 + VAT

Promoting safety and performance

Due to high-operating temperatures of solar panels, anti-freeze heat transfer fluid is imperative to the operation of your thermal system. Overtime, the fluid naturally breaks down which can mean your unit is exposed to higher temperatures. To prevent this, we can measure the fluid and replace this if necessary, protecting the manifold of the solar collector for years to come. In addition to the service and standard checks, we can also offer replacements and upgrades for other components, to maximise the efficiency of your heating system. 

What can we help with? 

  • Controller issues
  • Pump faults 
  • Leakages 
  • Storm damage and general wear and tear
  • Loss of pressure 
  • Hot water cylinder replacements
  • Perforated expansion vessels
  • Sensor faults
  • Anti-freeze change
If you have noticed issues with your solar thermal system, please call Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd immediately. The safety and security of our many clients across Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, Bournemouth, and beyond is extremely important to us. 

“After phone calls from Emma (who was a joy to speak to) arranging our thermal solar install, Jamie came to fit our system. He arrived on time, was polite, professional, helpful and such a hard worker. We had a slight (electrical) fault after electrics had been done, but Emma and Jamie worked quickly and efficiently to get this resolved. Pearce Plumbing & Renewables were a breath of fresh air in these times (when so many aren’t!). We would not hesitate to recommend the company. Thank you Jamie and Emma.”

Carol M, Trustpilot

Enhance and maintain your systems with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables. Book your solar thermal service today. 

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