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Spray Foam is one of the most versatile insulation methods for new and exisiting buildings.  A product from Kingspan, a global leader in high-performance insulation.  Contact Pearce Plumbing & Renewables Ltd for a free quote today.

Outstanding solutions for every property

Spray Foam Insulation is considered to be one of the most versatile forms of insulation available. Its continuous membrane, which can adhere to virtually any building or structure, including awkward shapes and curves and hard places to reach, meaning it gives a total seal with no gaps that traditional insulation can leave behind.

It can weatherproof and stabilise structures thereby extending the life of many old buildings. Spray Foam provides an extremely high performance insulation that meets with all current building regulations.

Spray foam is applied in liquid form, the material expands to the required thickness then sets in a rigid foam state, providing continuous, seamless thermal barrier, eliminating draughts and condensation problems, saving energy and costs.

“Jamie and his team fitted an air source heat pump at our property. They were very polite and knowledgeable and they clearly take pride in doing a good job and getting things right first time. An air source heat pump does require additional pipes and tanks, and the final result looked amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

James G, Trustpilot

Enhance and maintain your systems with Pearce Plumbing & Renewables. Book your solar thermal service today. 

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